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i-Tones iPhone Ringtones (Suoneria Sonnerie Klingeltöne Tono)

It would be veeeeery nice if you could customize your iPhone 4 (or 3GS,3G, or 2, actually whatever phone you use) with a ringtone which is only yours, isn’t it?

Off Limits delivered a set of complete packages for your phone. Spanning from ‘electro’ ringtones to more classical-sofisticated tones and finally to more ‘poppy’ sounds.
Moreover, in the iTunes version of the release, every package recently delivered comes with a set of ready-made ringtones taken from the tracks.

Apple hasn’t made it easy for you to customize your phone with these sets of ringtones but there’s a workaround. It’s not difficult and you don’t need anything except iTunes and an iPhone. The tutorial is clearly aimed at iPhones, as it’s tied to iTunes, anyway, if you convert the ringtones to the MP3 format and your phone supports that format, you’ll be able to use that ringtones  even on your mobile device.

Let’s make things easier. Here’s the video tutorial (the sound track is a collection of some of the ringtones you can find on the compilations, which are called ‘i-Tones‘. Search for them on the iTunes store.

The steps are easy and we re-write tem heredown:
1 – Go to iTunes and get the ringtones. i-Tones vol. 1, i-Tones vol. 2, i-Tones vol.3 … or search for ‘i-Tones  and navigate through the available audios
2 – Once downloaded the file, you’ll have to convert it to a ‘iPhone ready’ format. Convert it to ‘AAC format’.
You can do this by going to the “Advanced” Menu on iTunes and then choosing ‘Create AAC version’. If you find a different encoding (i.e. “Create MP3 version”, you have to set the compression format in iTunes preferences. It is necessary to convert it to an AAC file, otherwise it won’t be playing on your iPhone).
3 – Drag the file you just converted out of iTunes, and save it to the desktop, for example. Rename the extension of the file to ‘m4r’ (it was ‘m4a’)
4 –  Re-drag the newly named file into i-Tunes. A new ‘source’ will appear: Ringtones.
5 – Connect your iPhone to your Mac/Pc and in the available tabs a ‘ringtone’ tab will appear, so that you can choose and transfer to your phone the ringtone you just created.
6 – Open the Settings of your iPhone, then tap ‘Sounds’, then ‘Ringtone’ and ther you’ll see te list of available ringtones for your telephone, under the ‘Custom’ group.
7 – It’s done!Now go and spread the word!