MMXI – 2011

It’s been a extremely busy december, delivering lots of releases for Flat Frog and a few videos for Pelussje and PowerFrancers + D-Bag (with huge results on youtube views).

We’re beginning 2011 with a string of new releases from our distributed labels.
Off Limits’ “Dance all night” (by Manu LJ, with remixes from Favretto and La Maison Derriere)
Flat Frog’s “Olga” (by Les Trashick and D-Bag, and a remix by Pelussje)
Cheers up for Off Limits’ label page on Beatport.

In the pipeline: some great iTunes ringtones, finally available for you to download and use directly through your iPhone (without passing through the iTunes conversion process).
More news from Beatport coming next (a complete re-design is expected this year).
And finally, available soon the reporting page of Off Limits sales, with the definitive analysis and ‘ask the Oracle’ Tool.

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