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Google Play

We’re in the process of ingesting the catalogue content into Google Play.

The distribution network is now broader and will reach a vast audience.

Google Play is the default music provider to Android-powered devices, and content is available online, offline and in the cloud.

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zvooq added to the distribution roster

Zvooq is a new russian service, cloud-based with delivery channels through browser based, desktop and mobile applications.

Limited to the russian territory only, with partnership with mobile operators, it provides a mobile music service and a subscription plan.

One of the few legal digital services in the ex-CIS territories.

“Rissa EP” – PowerFrancers vs D-Bag

OK, this one is in Italian, again (as we did with Dargen D’Amico – D’ – parte prima, we are switching to our original language. Rissa is the italian for “affray, bobbery, riot, fight”, so you get the picture – the coversleeve speak itself)
I PowerFrancers esordiscono su Flat Frog con D-Bag e portano ‘Rissa’ negli store digitali.
Il testo è parla da solo e non esitiamo a definirlo rivoltoso.
Già presente nella homepage di iTunes, il pacchetto contiene due remix oltre la versione Original. D-Bag rilavora la traccia inserendo un po’ della sua classica ‘cattiveria’ e i “The ‘S'” chiudono il tutto con la loro reinterpretazione.

Il duo è presente sulla scena già da diverso tempo e Pacchiani e Goldentrash (questi i nomi d’arte dei componenti del duo) non sembrano intenzionati a fermarsi. Già ospiti a Tropical Pizza (su Deejay) e presenti con i loro inimitabili promo, le loro recenti collaborazioni con D-Bag porteranno ad un EP previsto entro il 2010.
D-Bag dal canto suo ha visto i suoi brani finire nelle playlist di Foamo e si è preso il ‘like’ di DJs quali StereoHeroes, Don Rimini, Edu K. E le sue tracce son state remixate da Gigi Barocco, Calvetron e Blaze Tripp solo per citarne alcuni.

Download ACapella , Synths, Bass Drums for your projects

If you landed here searching for Kelis’ A Capella, well, this is not the page you should be looking for. But wait: do you know what ‘A Capella’ means?
A Capella‘ comes from the italian (better, latin – which was the official church language in the past) and it was the form of singing in Choirs, and it means “without instruments”.
The term is now used to intend the ‘vocal only’ (vocal meaning the voice separated) part of a song.
You normally don’t have access to such feature of a recording, for different reasons, the first being that most of the consumer are not interested in hearing such track(s). If you are a music producer, this kind of resource is instead really useful to you and gives you access to a potential enormous stream of opportunities.
The same goes for the ‘separate tracks’ that compose the full song.
So you are a producer and you are looking for that ‘killer synth’ that sounds so good in that track.
The good news is: you can get the separate stems.
For some of the projects born in Off Limits studios, we prepared a ‘producer pack’, meaning we’re giving you the opportunity to download the  single constituting parts of the track you are listening in full.
You are then able to play with the single parts, recycle them, have a different mix, re-use, re-create the track. Or you can even use and embedd them in your original tracks.
Obviously, the standard copyright laws apply. This means that, when you are done you can use what yo did for your personal use only. If you want to use them in a commercial way, you’ll need to get the proper authorization from the copyright holder.

Here are the packages available right now:
D-Bag’s “My Brother was a rockstarter”

Pocho ft. Sandy “Brighter”

Spagna “Easy Lady” and “Call Me” samples.

Go and listen, sample and download. Your only limit is creativity.

Sandy Chambers – “Cloud n° 9″

Sandy Chambers Cloud n. 9 download

Sandy Chambers - "Cloud n° 9"

Sandy hits back again with this new single, remixed by Favretto and Samuele Sartini.

Available on Beatport, iTunes and all the major dance download stores.
Here’s the page from the ** BRAND NEW ** Off Limits’ website where you can find the links to the stores to get the release.

InnDigital is a edgy dance-oriented digital store based in Italy.
A ‘deep’ and picky catalogue. Super-fast previews and rotating banners :)

InnDigital gets added to the roster of distributed sites.
Catalogue soon online.

D-Bag ft. Naan – “Milk”

Finally a new supa-juicy release from D-Bag, “Milk”, includes remixes from Gigi Barocco, Calvertron and Pelussje.
Already supported by Mustard Pimp, Edu K, StereoHeroes and Steve Aoki.
Get it exclusively from Beatport.

Favretto ft. Ann Lee – “I get the feeling”

Favretto ft. Ann Lee – “I get the feeling”

I Get the Feeling” is a new single from Favretto and the world renowned singer Ann Lee.

An energy-packed track, an engaging duet of well synchronised vocals and sounds, which drags you in and keeps the tension going on high thoughout.

Come on and get the feeling too!



D-Bag – “My Brother Was A Rockstarter”

Supported by Congorock, Steve Aoki and Black Box’s Daniele Davoli, D-Bag gets a full string of remixes.
The original version stands out as well as all the other ‘different taste’ mixes: Defunct!, Lazy Ants and Blaze Tripp.
A must have track.
Beatport Link



Masterbeat is the latest addition to the partner roster.
In the next days you’ll be able to find the dance catalogue of your label available for distribution in that store.

Masterbeat is the first dance digital store with an extensive catalogue featuring content from both the indipendent and major record labels in MP3 and WAV format.

Distribution to begin shortly. More stores and services in the near future.
Stay tuned!