Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’d love to see my tracks available on Beatport. Will Off Limits be able to bring them online?
A: Beatport has a strict policy on new labels. Everybody can join, as far as there’s a release plan for the label and a continuous flow of releases (and sales) from the label. So, before you ask if you can have your catalogue for sale onto Beatport, prepare your release and promotional plan. Beatport will consider this when evaluating any new label.

Q: Why isn’t there my full catalogue on line on that particulare store?
A: The key is specialization and niche. You won’t be able to find 90s Euro dance tracks on Beatport, for example. Some stores apply a ‘cherry pick’ filter, meaning they only put online tracks that fit the main genre they’re focusing on.
If your release is not in a store, probably it won’t have sold a single download on that store. Please note that Off Limits is NOT filtering the delivery. Off Limits always deliver the release. The store could choose not to publish it if it doesn’t fit the store editorial line.

Q: How long will it take to have my release online?
A: If the release you’re delivering to Off Limits is not your first release, it will take 1 week to see it online. Usually Beatport requires you to deliver at least 1 week before the release/live date.

Q: I’d love to give a pre-release exclusive to a particular store. Is this possible?
A: Yes, get in touch with Off Limits, specifying the length of the pre-release exclusive. This adds up to theĀ  delivery timing. This means: if you want a pre-release exclusive of 2 weeks on iTunes, you’ll see it live on iTunes 1 week after the delivery, and on the ther digital stores, it will go live 3 weeks after the delivery to Off Limits.

Q: Can I deliver a booklet?
A: If you do have the rights to deliver the PDF file of the booklet, we can embed it in the release for iTunes and the digital stores selling this asset.

Q: How can I get more exposure/get a banner on Beatport and the other digital stores?
A: The key is always promotion. Provide Off Limits with reactions and DJ feedback for your release at least one week before the planned release date. We’ll forward it to the store label representative and ask for a banner. The more good reactions you get from top djs, the most likely is you finally get a banner or exposure.
Withthe pressure and numbers of new releases available today, quality and a good promotion to tastemakers are the key factor to get massive exposure.